As a firm and employer we take Equality and Diversity very seriously - both internally with our own existing and potential employees, and externally to support the Equality and Diversity policies of our clients.

We are concerned as recruiters not to discriminate against any candidate directly or indirectly.

In support of our aim to provide Equality and Diversity at work, we aim to ensure that:

No employee or prospective employee, client or candidate will receive less favourable treatment than another as a result of direct or indirect discrimination.

No employee or prospective employee, client or candidate will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions of a post, which unfairly discriminate against them.

All managers will develop and practise the concept of equality and diversity in the application of conditions of service, recruitment, training and promotion opportunities.

All employees are responsible for ensuring that our policies are put in to practice.

Employees will advise their Manager of perceived problems with regard to these policies.

All searches will have a person specification outlining the qualifications, skills and experience required to perform the job appropriately. The person specifications will not contain any requirements that would limit the diversity of the staff applying to the firm. The aim is to recruit the best person for the job; all selections and appointments are on pure merit.

Key Employees have attended and will continue to attend continuous training events in Equality and Diversity.

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